When we hear the name “PANINI” we are automatically linked to the stamp collection albums of the WORLD CUP teams , the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE , etc. And indeed , PANINI   has often surprised us with collectible albums for soccer fans, including albums for the little ones at home with editions such as FROZEN and MICKEY MOUSE , but this time the Italian publisher surprises all fans of MIXED MARTIAL ARTS . and to all the UFC fans.

A few days ago PANINI AMERICA through MARK WARSOP , CEO of PANINI AMERICA in a conference gave us the following news: «This is truly the dream combination that unites the undisputed leaders in trading cards with those in combat sports in a society that It will excite and captivate UFC fans and collectors around the world for years to come.

Over time, we have watched closely and with great interest as the UFC has gained ground and become a major powerhouse in the mainstream sporting landscape with some of the most marketable athletes in the world.”

«At PANINI AMERICA we are devoted fans of the UFC and look forward to all that we can accomplish with the UFC brand and its fighters with our trading cards. We are extremely excited about this new relationship.»

To which the Senior Vice President of Global Consumer Products of UFC Tracey Bleczinski confirmed: “We are very happy to welcome PANINI AMERICA as the new official trading card partner of the UFC Many of our fans use trading cards to stay connected with our brand and their favorite fighters, and PANINI AMÉRICA is the leader in the industry, creating unique and innovative products for the enjoyment of our fans.”

With this declaration, the alliance between PANINI AMERICA and the UFC for the production and sale of UFC COLLECTIBLE CARDS becomes official . In April, the UFC Prizm collection series will be launched . PANINI will also add UFC trading cards to other popular product lines such as Select in July, Chronicles in September and Immaculate in December. PANINI AMERICA will be part of the best moments of the UFC in real time with the PANINI INSTANT platformthat allows you to reach the consumer directly.

PANINI INSTANT will manufacture trading cards with the best fights, moments and highlights of the UFC just hours after they happened. These special cards will be available for a LIMITED TIME AND WILL BE PRODUCED ON REQUEST .

By: Marlon Orantes


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